Why are tigers poached?



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    Tigers are poached because of the money people can get for various parts of their body on black markets in Asia.  These black markets exist because eastern medicine values certain parts of the tiger for their supposed medical value.  It is really a shame that these medical practices which have no scientific merit are the cause of such cruelty towards tigers.

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    Various parts of the tiger are coveted by poachers, including their organs, eyes, and fur.  Although the tiger is “Critically Endangered”, they’re body parts are still sold on the black market.  Their bones are sold for high sums, and their organs are used in cookery in some countries. 

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    Humans are the tigers most significant predator, hunting them for their fur and bones. The tiger historically has been a popular big game animal and has been hunted for prestige and as trophies. Historically, hunting and killing a tiger was a symbol of valor and prestige. Tiger bones and nearly all body parts are used in traditional Chinese medicine for a range of purposes such as pain killers.

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    While poaching is an awful occurance, it is very common…especially for tigers. Tigers are usually killed to supply the underground black market with its organs, pelts, and bones.  These are very highly regarded parts of the animal within eastern medicines since it is believed they posses the ability to heal all sorts of human illnesses.   

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