Why are Tibet’s high altitude meadows disappearing?



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    Tibet’s high altitude meadows are disappearing due to Global Warming. Global warming is causing climate change and this particular region of Tibet, it’s hotter and dryer than ever before. It is causing a processes called Desertification, which is when top soil isn’t rotated or restored through rain or seasonal changes and becomes desert-like. 

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    There are a number of factors that are likely leading to the degraded conditions in Tibetan grasslands. It is caused by a combination of over-grazing and an excess of insects and rodents, in addition to rising temperatures. Apparently, the location of Tibet makes it susceptible to warming caused by pollution from China and India. As the grasslands degrade, the warming gains speed since it cannot contain moisture as well. It is also argued that an excess of rodents have dug up the grasslands because the birds of prey that control their population have been hunted to extinction.

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    Rapid industrialization by China within Tibet is also contributing to rising temperatures. Before Chinese occupation, Tibet was not a heavily industrialized country.

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