Why are those harmful gases called greenhouse gases?



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    Because they produce what is called the “greenhouse effect”. It is called that because gases create a warm “blanket” over Earth, and the glass panes in greenhouses create a similar effect.

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    There are four natural gases that are known as greenhouse gases, O3, CO2, Water vapor, and N2.  These occur naturally in our atmosphere and are a part of a very healthy greenhouse effect that is natural and necessary for our planet to sustain life.  These gases prevent all of the radiation from the sun from penetrating the ozone and help to keep some radiation in so we have the warmth necessary for life.  However, there is a delicate balance of these gases, an that is why adding too much CO2 has the potential to ruin our climate.  If we create a thicker ozone layer, not enough radiation will be able to escape, thus causing what is known as global warming.

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