Why are there so many insects in the world, compared to other animals?



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    There are many reasons as to why insects are the most abundant species in the world. First of all, insect diet is important in that their survival depends on the availability of resources. Of course, especially in forests, but mainly everywhere, diet sources are abundant, which thus allows for insects to be abundant. Insects also have a surface area to volume ratio, which means that for every available tree, a myriad of insects are able to live off of it. On that same page, insects also have a wide diet range (phytophagous) and are generalist, instead of specialist, predators. This allows their geographic range to also be wide, which allows them to survive and live and reproduce in almost any area. Insect spawn rates are also very low. The typical insect lifespan, although variable, ranges from a few days to years. So, for every one insect that dies, many insect offspring can emerge. Once generated, these insects can disperse far and well. Their dispersal rate is high, also attributing to their abundance. This is probably also an evolution to escape competition and for protection against predation purposes with the ultimate goal of survival.

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