Why are there so many seagulls?



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    Seagulls are prolific breeds and opportunistic feeders. Seagulls eat many types of food, mostly whatever is available to them. They have excelled in living in urban areas, where they can live off of trash and make nests where few predators will venture due to the close proximity of people nearby. If seagull nests are disturbed or their eggs eaten, they will simply build a new nest elsewhere and relay their eggs. Essentially, seagulls are great at adapting to most environments. 

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    Seagulls have the advantage, also, of being able to convert salty ocean water to water they can drink (expelling the excess salt). This means they can head far out to sea, and even follow ships, etc.

    They are an extremely aggressive bird, and will even attack people. (See the search URL.) I myself have observed a seagull peck a pigeon to death in a few seconds, for no other reason than the pigeon was standing too near it.

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