Why are there so many landslides the first big rain after fire season?



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    The wildfires burn trees and vegetation in the area. These plants roots help to hold soil in place and give support to ground, but when they are gone from the destruction of a fire, the first rain after fire season washes away the now loose dirt. This can cause large amounts of landslides, especially in hilly areas. 

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    Generally, landslides occur in places where they have occured in the past and are thus likely to have been identified as hazardous areas. The bases of steep slopes, drainage channels, and hilly areas with certain septic systems are prone to landslides if they are located in areas with heavy rainfall. Occasionally, however, landslides do occur in non-prone areas, and usually this happens during the first rain after a prolonged period of drought. Decreased water supply can cause soil to become arid and eventually fail to provide for and perform as well as they would under ideal conditions. Sometimes landslides in this situation may be prevented if precautionary measures are taken, such as placing rocks in the area to prevent soil slippage.

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