Why are there so many different types of soil at garden stores? What’s the big difference?



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    There are different types of soil based on the nutrient requirements of the plant. Potting mix has very little or no soil. It is designed to be used in pots, because drainage can become bad in pots. It has a lot of compost, pearlite, and peat moss (with perhaps a little bit of sand to help the drainage). This mixture helps keep the pots from getting too compacted and keeps them draining well. There is also a cactus or succulent mix, which has a high sand content and may possibly contain some small wood chips to keep the soil loose. It does not have very much organic matter, because succulents do not need it or want it. The types of plants that need this type of soil must not sit in water because it will rot the roots. The potting mix that is used for orchids is mostly bark, because orchids in the wild would grow in leaf duff. These are just a few of the many types of soil. There are also some soils that are organic. The website listed below has more information about different types of soils.

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