Why are there so few MSC labels on packages of seafood products in my local supermarkets?

Given the fact that 90% of the fish are gone from our oceans, why don’t I see MSC labels on most of the seafood packages in my local supermarkets? I look through entire seafood sections and I find no more than a couple products with MSC labels on them.



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    Excellent question! Seafood is a very high commodity, and like most high demand products, getting it to the consumer as quickly as possible is more important that the quality of the product. In order to obtain a MSC or Marine Stewardship Council label, everything from the boats the seafood is acquired in to the storage facilities its kept in has to be inspected. A MSC certified fish has to be separated from a non-certified fish, and the business seeking the MSC ecolabel can only acquire seafood from the Chain of Custody certified supplier. This is a lot of work that many companies do not want to deal with, and therefore choose the path of least resistance.

     If you want to find supermarkets in your communuty that sell seafood certified by MSC, visit their website.

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