Why are there so few green roofs in America?

I’ve never seen a home nor a business with a green roof and I’ve lived for a decade in a metro area with several million inhabitants. I don’t hear them talked about. I don’t see incentives for them. Most people I know have never heard of them. How can they be so encouraged in other parts of the world and virtually unknown here?



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    Then people like you and I need to keep talking and educating people about these ideas! Green roofs and other urban green spaces are a very new and growing concept. Don’t lose hope. There was literally no mention of these ideas a decade ago and now some of the most important projects in urban design are based on innovative urban green space. Schools are just beginning to offer programs that focus on green urban design. One such related field is called Social Ecology and it is a new and innovative program offered at UC Irvine. My point is, these ideas are new and the infrastructure/education must be completely revamped for them to come to fruition. Culture and society are changing quickly because they have to. I agree its too slow, but there is much to be done to make the changes. 

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