Why are there no citations or credits to authors of the studies cited? I ask this just a while ago, but don’t think it was on the right page:)

I know we all have a lot of knowledge in our heads, but scientific knowledge is quite particular and studies should be citied rather than simply summarized by the writer. To me, this is essential to transparency, and giving the reader the choice to see for herself what was said. Outward bound links are also important to Google juice, so I see no reason to exclude source information.



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    It’s a blog – an opinion piece. Sometimes these are “newsy” articles. I would expect no more citations than I would find in a newspaper, on the Op-Ed page. It would be nice to have some links, and sometimes these blogs and articles do. But they are all volunteer efforts, primarily for non-scientific audiences; there is plenty of rationale for not using such citations as well.

    But if I wanted to know, I would not rely on any links provided by such a blog; I would assume they would be cherry-picked to favor the blog’s view (if it had one; this one is more like a news summary, to my eye). So I googled a line from the blog, “dogs have been trained to find fecal samples of whales” and within a millisecond I had 44, 000 results, many of which on the first results page appear to be reputable, and within which I expect I could find references to the scientific studies within, say, 2 minutes at most, if I wanted to.

    IMO, people need to learn to do their own skeptical research – the one or two answers typical for questions here on greenanswers may be correct – or they may be wildly incorrect. And the online citations offered in support of answers are likewise everything from precisely correct, to completely incorrect, to correct but slanted and biased according to the agenda of the organization or whatever that created the cited page.

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      Thanks for your response. I have a very different view of blogs, and don’t expect opinion-only pieces unless it’s labeled as an OpEd or is obviously a rant (which doesn’t necessarily mean it is not based on facts). Otherwise, I would consider blogs a waste of time – a fake news outlet misleading people by leaving out salient facts. Why would I want to read something that has no visible authority? Time is valuable.

      I actually don’t look to take a contrary view, I look for source material because most bloggers are not journalists and do not ascribe to that code of bringing known facts to the public. I think it is important that the facts of a matter are shared from an original source. Citations make a piece useful to many individuals and outlets who may read it and share it with their readers – citing their source, of course! Scientists and researchers should get their due for all the work they put in.

      I know some journalists no longer adhere to presenting facts and the resulting outcome but rather push their own or their paper’s agenda, but I’d like to think that bloggers would do their best to help the reader first and foremost. This method I hear you talking about, if I’m not completely misunderstanding you,can lead down a very slippery slope of stealing others work and passing it off as your own.

      But I do thank you for letting me know your thoughts on this topic and the way you handle this site.

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      I don’t disagree with you regarding the ideal, that objectivity and adequate citations would rule. I just have virtually no expectation of that anywhere on the internet – or if there is someplace that does actually come close, it would be wikipedia, simply because of the aggressive vetting by HUGE numbers of people coming together to remove and correct erroneous information and to work to ensure both correctness and completeness, together with sufficient citations for the reader to seek original information. Or reports from universities and a few other sites that I have learned to trust to a considerable degree – but even scientific research is subject to debate and counter-ideas.

      That is not the nature of this site; any individual, including me, has limited knowledge, limited research to answer questions or to write blogs or news reports, and they also have personal slants and agendas. Occasionally someone corrects erroneous information. More often, one answer stands as the gospel. I don’t think anyone here (at least not in any notable way) is trying to pass anything off as his or her own – much more worrisome to me is the tendency for an answerer to accept the first google hit on the topic and to report it without any thought. (Not saying that happens all the time, but it certainly does happen.)

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