Why are there more colors in the mountains in the east than the west?



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    In order to properly answer your question, I am assuming that you are asking about the mountains in the United States?  If I am correct in assuming this, the main reason why the mountains in the East (ie the Appilachian, Catskills, etc) are much older than the Rocky Mountains in the West. Because they are much older, the mountains in the east have had more time to erode in the weather thus making them lower. The mountains themselves look smooth. Also, looking at the climate in the east, the climate is much more humid and the land sits at a much lower elevation. As a result, the land gets more moisture allowing for the growth of more vegetation. In the western half of the United States, the mountains are much more jagged and rocky since they are much younger than the mountains to the east. There isn’t much soil on the faces of the mountains therefore it is difficult for much vegetation to grow. There are also other mountains in the west, such as the mountains that are in the eastern portion of California. These mountains are not as colorful as the eastern mountains either, and it’s because of the desert climate as well as the high elevation of the land they sit on.

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    I would actually disagree fairly strongly that the mountains in the east of the US have more color than those in the West. Unless you mean green because of all the vegetation on the eastern mountains; but even at that there are plenty of trees in the west as well.

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