Why are there counties?



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    Countries are a way of distinguishing a location, a culture, and a group of people from a certain region from one another. One way of thinking of it (and likely how it was in the early days of mankind) is that each family wants to stick to themselves and have a way of distinguishing themselves from the rest. The idea of “countries” or any bands of people can have a lot of benefits, but can also be dangerous. For example, people have a basic understanding of a different culture just from saying the name of a country such as Italy, Argentina, Japan, Honduras, Iran, or Congo. By meeting someone from these very different regions you can learn a lot about their own unique culture and view on the world, which is very important to put your own culture into perspective. However, there are a lot of negative effects to keep in mind. It is human nature to categorize people into groups, and thus racism exists and will always exist. Just because certain people from a certain country may have a lot in common with their other countrymen, that does not mean everyone shares that in common. Also, people must be weary of stereotyping people just by their nationality and taking so much pride in their own culture that you dismiss other people’s view. This is a very dangerous habit, but one that occurs very often around the world and is sometimes met with dire consequences.  

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