Why are there certain areas that are more prone to tornadoes than others?



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    Because geographic situations, which control weather patterns such as those that lead to tornadoes, are dramatically different from place to place.

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    Tornado Alley is impacted by tornadoes because of the interrelatedness to strong thunderstorms. Southern states from late spring through fall experience serious weather events on a very frequent basis, and tornadoes are created from such storms. “The months in which tornadoes are most likely correspond to the times of year with increased solar heating and strong frontal systems.” There is no official tornado season, however, and technically they can form in any state at any given time (if the proper weather conditions are occurring).

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    To use tornado alley as an example, it’s geographic location in relation to the Gulf of Mexico plays a vital role in the number of storms the area gets. The Deep South’s location is a place where east/southeast-bound air masses often collide with the moist air masses of the Gulf, creating more storms (like thunderstorms and tornadoes) in that area.

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