Why are there always spiders in the bathtub?



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    I’ve been searching around for answers to this question and I think that the best answer is to say that, spiders are not attracted to your bathtub but are attracted to food.

    Realistically, spiders travel. There are unimaginable numbers of insects in wherever we are and it may be that it is just easier to spot spiders in the bathroom. For instance, I personally have seen my fare share of spiders unable to climb out of the slippery tub once in. Maybe it just seems to be an easier place to spot spiders, giving us the impression that they are always in the bathtub.

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    In addition to the above response, I also think that if the weather suddenly gets extremely hot, spiders and other critters start to come out from hiding. It’s likely that they’re simply searching for a cooler area, and the bathroom tends to be the coolest place in a house because of the tiles. But as mentioned above, if a spider manages to get into the bathtub it may be difficult for them to get back out because the tub is too slippery.

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