Why are there all kinds of animal abuse laws for cats and dogs but very little for our farm animals?



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    There are obviously many different reasons, but I think that the biggest is because people generally view farm animals as “commodities” (something you own, like furniture) and domestic pets as “family” (something you love, like your children). Mistreating property is usually legally defensible, but mistreating loved ones is legally criminal and punishable.

    It’s all due to an arbitrary system of social values whereby society decides which animals are cute, lovable, etc., and which are merely useful, edible, usable, etc. If society thought cows and chickens were good companions and that dogs and cats were yummy, the laws would be reversed.

    In an alternate universe...

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    Different countries have different regulations towards animal cruelty.  In Canada, they have farm animal protection laws.  In the USA each state is also responsible for it’s own cruelty laws to an extent.  For example, five US states have passed Humane Farming Laws (Oregon, California, Colorado, Florida, and Arizona).  Some states are taking steps towards protecting farm animals from cruelty, hopefully many more will follow suit.  Farmed animals should be treated with respect.  If we are eating these animals, we should treat them in a way that reflects our need for them, not by shoving as many animals as possible into pens and cages until they are fat enough for our use.  It is sad to see some of these ‘farming’ establishments in action.


    Did you know pigs are smarter than dogs?  Would you do this to a pack of dog?

    [img_assist|nid=178376|title=Pig Mistreatment|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=98]

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