Why are sunsets so beautiful?



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    Good question, Aaron.  Sunsets are caused by the sun’s rays hitting our atmosphere and the light scattering, so actually, the more colorful sunsets happen closer to cities, where there is more pollution in the air to reflect the sun’s rays.  Another nice looking sunset might happen after a volcanic eruption, because of the ash that is in the air.  In the event that you knew how sunsets work, but still wanted to know why they are so beautiful to us, I think it is because we get used to the sky being one color all day, so when reds and oranges and pinks spread across the horizon, it is a big change and quite beautiful!

    Hope this helps!

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    The sunsets have their amazing colour world because of the way the light travels through the atmosphere. Because the sun’s white light hit the atmosphere at an angle compared to daytime, it makes the light have to travel through much denser air and some of the air filters out some of the colours.  

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