Why are some shooting stars so much brighter than others?



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    The only answer that I can think of is that some shooting stars are much closer than others. You can see starts much better on a clear night. If you see a star in the city, it will also be much brighter in the wild. It depends on your circumstances. The stars might be closer, or there might be less ambient lighting from the city and other light sources.

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    Despite their name, shooting stars are not actually stars. Rather, they are large meteors that come through the atmosphere and are thoroughly and quickly heated, which makes them extremely bright. After colliding with air molecules, the meteors obtain a meteor tail, which shoots across the sky and is known as a ‘shooting star.’

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    Brighter ones are bigger objects; they take longer to burn up. Most visible meteors are all at about the same height above the earth’s surface, around 70 or so km.

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