Why are some places in the world magnetic?



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    The presence of magnetic fields on the Earth is usually attributed to the circulation of electric currents in the molten core of the planet. How or why exactly the electric currents lead to the formation of magnetic fields is not yet fully understood, but it’s believed that the Earth’s rotation factors into the generation of the currents. There are two magnetic poles on the planet: the North Pole and the South Pole, where the inclination of the Earth’s magnetic field is 90 degrees and -90 degrees respectively.

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    As catch22 implies, all places on Earth are magnetic, naturally.

    There are a few places in the world where it’s claimed the local magnetism will pull a car up hill. I’ve been to one, and the optical illusion is completely amazing and convincing. However it is just an optical illusion, caused by trees not growing straight up, etc. There may be a couple of places where this isn’t just an optical illusion, but the presense of a huge amount of magnetic material close to the surface.

    If, on the other hand, the “magnetism” in the question is the kind that is used to divine water sources, or find ley lines, then the answer is what they call in Wikipedia “Fringe”. I.e., there’s no reliable source on the subject that the Wikipedia community will accept.

    Finally, some magnetic fields are caused by human activity. For example, nuclear subs, charging through the sea at great speed generate a magnetic field that charges the whole ship. (Making it easier to find by the enemy!) Periodically, the subs need to be send to huge “degaussing” areas where the charge is removed.

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