Why are some people very concerned about China and its progress on clean technology?



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    China is a major concern as far as its development on creating clean technology because it is country with the fastest growing economy and therefore also the biggest emitter of carbon emissions.   China’s economy has boomed intensely over the last few decades.  While China used to be less of a concern as far as its economy, technology and growth was concerned it has recently surpassed the United States in terms of growth in these sectors as well as in terms of polluting.  China is globe’s top exporter of manufactured goods, largest importer of tropical woods, and largest producer of cement. This production and China’s use of coal as the main source of fuel has made it the world’s top emitter of green house gases.  Without developing green, clean technology China will only continue to grow as its population does and demand increases.  This is why it is necessary for China to developer cleaner technology and find cleaner, renewable sources of energy.

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    People are concerned because China is beginning to manufacture clean energy technologies that could otherwise be produced in the US.  Companies that formed in the US like A123 Systems, maker of advanced batteries and energy storage systems, have had to move their manufacturing from the US to China because the energy laws in the US do not encourage alternative energy and energy efficiency enough to create strong clean tech markets in the US.  Since China IS encouraging clean tech, many of the new technologies and jobs are being created there.

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    People are being caught up in the U.S. geopolitical self interest. China should be producing renewable energy along with every other industrialized nation. The fact is that China is producing solar panels that are being sold down the street at Harbor Freight while nothing is being produced by American industry. This is a result of the commodity based of import oreinted trade policies of the United States. China is likely developing renewable energy because it increases stability for the ruling party. In fact the U.S. government should be doing the same if it wants to stay in power. The threat is that the U.S. will have to develop it’s local oil resources, totally polluting the landscape. This reduced quailty of life will combine with increased oil and food prices over the long term, as well as instability from the widening gap between rich and poor.

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