Why are some people so resistant to go green?



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    We leave in a society built on “out of sight, out of mind” and “someone else will take care of it”. We wants our things as fast and as convenient as possible, and very often that is not the eco-friendliest way to approach things. We are an extremely wasteful society with a short attention span and attraction to new shiny things. People either don’t care about the environment, are lazy, or believe global warming is a lie made up by liberals. Also, sometimes the greener options are more expensive, and now is a time when many families are pinching pennies.

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    There’s also the cop-out attitude “Oh I’m just one person, it doesn’t matter what I do.”

    And really…it doesn’t matter if I every so often can’t recycle something.

    Those people are copping out on the idea that we need to make real lifestyle changes that put the environment before our complete convenience. They don’t want to do it (because, like lfw says, they’re LAZY), so they make excuses.

    I prefer to think of it as a game and a challenge rather than a chore…it makes it easier.

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    In most cases it is a lack of education. They feel that going green costs more because hybrid cars and energy-efficient washers are initially more expensive. They feel that they cannot make a difference and some people even feel that going green is a fad that will soon fade and not be cool anymore. It is important to point out to people how easy and important it is for them to help conserve the environment. Most people simply are ignornant and need more information before they will join the Green Movement.

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