Why are some new diesel cars becoming popular?



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    Diesel cars, though they are more expensive, do have some key benefits over cars that run on gasoline.  First, they’re about 20-30 % more fuel efficient, which people these days are starting to pay a lot of attention to.  Diesel engines also tend to last longer, and as people become more and more conscious of the amount of waste they produce, they’re starting to seek out items with a longer lifetime. 

    Another key advantage of diesels is that they can be converted to run on vegetable oil or homemade biodiesel, a popular alternative fuel option.

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    The demand for diesel engines in cars has also spiked the demand for CNG engines (compressed natural gas). Along with the fuel efficiency of diesel engines CNGs are cheaper to produce than petrol. Diesel engines can be retrofitted for CNG engines for better fuel consumption and a cheaper price. A country such as the US can use domestic natural gas to finance a new energy industry instead of relying on imported oil.

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    As maddie pointed out, diesel cars can be converted to run on biodiesel or vegetable oil. My uncle uses Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) to run his diesel Mercedes. He gets WVO for free every time he eats lunch, takes it home, and filters it before putting it in his car. Converting a diesel car to run on vegetable oil is very easy.

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