Why are some months better for watching meteor showers than others?



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    Meteor shower visibility has to do with a few things  Your position on the earth in relation to the location of the meteor shower is a factor.  The point of view will differ in the Northern Hemisphere vs. the Southern Hemisphere.  Now while the tilt of the earth in relation to the sun changes throughout the months, I don’t think the specific month would make it better or worse for watching meteor showers as much as the position of the earth in relation to the meteor shower.  Now if you were in a location where some months almost always are cloudy and overcast (for example Nepal in July), some months might be predictably better for watching meteor showers than others.

    The other big factor for meteor shower visibility which doesn’t really have to do with the month, is the lunar cycle.  If there’s a new moon during a meteor shower, visibility will be much better than if there is half a moon or a full moon.  

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    Meteor showers are residual dust trails left by comets. Both are influenced by the gravitaitonal pulls of large planets in our solar sytem, particularly Jupiter. The reason that meteor showers are visible in some months and not others, and the reason we can predict when we will see them, is because comets and their dust trails (meteors showers) have orbital path patterns designated by the Earth’s pull and the pull of other planets.

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