Why are some lakes so much clearer than others?



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    There are usually two reasons why lakes are clear. One, if the amount of pollution is reduced, then the water will retain much of its clarity. Crater Lake in Oregon is a good example of this; because no boats (except for tour boats and NPS research equipment) are allowed on the lake, it is very blue, and is, in fact, the clearest lake in the world. The surrounding geology will also contribute to whether a lake is clear or murky. Sand, dirt and other sediment may cloud the water, and if the underlying soil in the lake allows the growth of algae, it will be quite murky as well. 

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    Boats do not pollute lakes.  The regs placed on boat motors kake pollution nonexistant.  Lake clarity depends on many factors.  Lakes in Eastern North Carolina are dirty because of dead plant runoff.  Streams and creeks bring decayed plant life into the lakes.  If in Wilmington NC the cape fear that feeds into the Atlantic looks black and destroys the ocean clarity for hundreds of miles.

    The bottom of lakes matters. Clay makes for solid bottoms but dirty water.  Rock and sand makes clear lakes as does faster flowing waters in and out.

    Crater lake is rain fed and there are no sources to make the water clarity lower.

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