Why are some flames different colors?



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    The color of the flame depends on the temperature at which it is burning as well as the presence of certain non-combustable contaminants.  In general, the hottest flames are white; the next-hottest are blue, then yellow, then orange, then red.  The process of determining the temperature of a flame based on the color (by the way) is called calospectroscopy and is the way astronomers determine the temperature at which stars burn.

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    Flames may be different colors depending on the temperature of the flame and the various substances that may be present in the burning material.  Generally, white flame is hottest, followed by blue, then yellow, then golden-orange, and finally red.  However, various compounds present in the burning material may also alter the color of the flame.  Most wood fires are bright orange due to the presence of sodium in the wood.  Copper compounds will burn blue or green, and lithium will burn red.

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