Why are some consumer products tested on animals?



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    Only 6% of animal testing is done to test new medicines for humans.  The rest of it is to test the safety of cosmetics, cleaners and other household items for human use.

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    Companies that test products on animals claim that it is for our safety. Products are tested on animals to make sure that they won’t cause harm when used on humans. Not all products are tested on animals, and there are different tests that can be used to ensure product safety.

    For a list of products that don’t test on animals, you can visit the Peta website: http://www.peta.org/living/beauty-and-personal-care/companies/default.aspx

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    The link has a very long list, but in no particular order, some on the list are: Vaseline, Cover Girl, Neutrogena, OxyClean, Pantene, Dove, Clorox, Arm & Hammer, and Georgio Armani. 

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    It might be easier to name some companies that incorporate animal testing, as they make hundreds of products. Look for the “Not Tested on Animals” seal marked on the label. Some common companies are involved with animal testing including Proctor and Gamble, Johnson and Johnson, L’Oreal, Church and Dwight, Clorox, Arm & Hammer, Reckitt Benckiser, and Colgate-Palmolive. Their names are listed in small letters usually on the front or back of the product.

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    The reasons that are given for testing some consumer products on animals – is for our safety.  This is to see if there is any reaction from the animal to the product.  There are many different ways to test product safety rather than useing animals and Peta has a list of companies that don’t do animal testing.  Also, testing these products on animals, may not tell anyone if there are concerns with long term use.  You can also use natural products that are already known to be safe rather than chemical products.

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