Why are some bats becoming endangered in the US?



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    The decline in certain bat populations throughout the United States and Canada is attributed to White Nose Syndrome (WNS), a condition first identified in the US in 2006.  WNS has been identified in many caves throughout North America. Until only very recently, the cause of this disease was unknown.  Laboratory results released in October 2011 have revealed that the disease is caused by a fungus called geomyces destructans.  

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    Two species of bats, the eastern small-footed and northern long-eared bats, are suffering from white-nose syndrome, a disease that is impacting many bats in North America. Once a bat contracts the illness, mortality rates are 70% or greater. Research is currently being done to better understand the spread and treatment of white-nose syndrome.

    Bat populations have also been suffering from habitat loss due to logging. The northern long-eared bat is mostly found in old growth forests, an ecosystem that has been dwindling from human development. I live in Austin, TX and the bat species are stressed there right now due to drought. The drought has prevented the reproduction of many insect species, so bats have to hunt longer over a larger area in order to obtain enough food.

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