Why are some areas of the world so much wetter than others?



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    The controls on weather, including rainfall, are many and varied, including the nature of ocean currents, geography of mountain ranges, distribution of temperatures, circulation of winds, and all the other fundamental characteristics of earth. What you are asking is what controls climate, and that would take at least one full book to answer – probably many more.

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    One extremely wet location is Mt. Waialeale located on Hawaii’s Kauai Island. It has been recorded that on average, over 472 inches of precipitation gathers each year. It is consider one of the rainiest and wettest locations in the world. I believe their extreme amounts of rainfall is simply due to their climate. Climate has an affect on a lot of issues and with climate change comes extreme weather around many different extremes.

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    The location of a given place determines its climate. This springs up from the fact that all places do not receive equal amount of sunlight (insolation), and this influences the amount of rainfall, velocity of wind, pressure etc. proximity to large water bodies and wind direction at various seasons are also determinig factors. The desert regions are either located far away from large water bodies or the deflection of wind on crossing the equator does not carry moisture laden wind to such regios. Sahara desert is a good example. Some times some areas are located at the leeward side of a mountain. Such places do not receive much rainfall.

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