why are some areas so much more humid than other areas?



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    The main cause of humidity is water evaporatinjg from a warm area of the ocean. A lesser amount of humidity can come from smaller bodies of water or large areas of vegetation, but the oceans are the primary cause. A land area will be humid if the wind patterns are bringing air directly from the ocean to that place. If the wind is blocked in some way–for example, by a mountain range–no humid air will be able to get in. A desert may even form.

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    Humidity, together with temperature, wind, precipitation, and other factors forms the climate of an area. It is created by an interplay of many geographical factors, such as latitude and altitude, nearby mountains or bodies of water, wind patterns and water currents. For example, a warm body of water can produce a lot of humid air, which would be carried by winds that flow mostly in one direction, and blocked by high mountains, creating a very humid spot. On the other side of this same mountain range there might be a very dry spot.

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