Why are some areas around the world seeing a higher sea level rise than others?



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    Certain areas, like the Mid Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, have higher sea level rises (5-6 inches higher than the average) because the coastal land in those regions is subsiding. The rising sea levels also inundate wetlands and other low land areas. 

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    In additional to the coastal subsidence jmendez mentioned, glacial melting also causes inconsistencies in sea level. Land beneath glaciers actually sunk down due to the weight of all that ice, and when they melt, the land eventually uplifts. Gravitational attraction between water and other masses can also account for some variations, as water can be pulled towards one location more than another.

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    The South Pacific Islands are currently going through an extreme drought right now. They are running out of fresh water, and their underground supplies have been contaminated by rising sea levels. These are low-lying islands, so they are going to be some of the first places hurt by rising sea levels. 

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