Why are solitary animals like pandas put together in zoos?



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    These animals may be solitary, but more importantly, they are endangered. Placing them to live in zoos will prevent the risk of predation and death, especially since they are already endangered. This way, people can care for them, and zoos typically have environments similar to the animal’s natural environment. In zoos, these animals can also mate and produce offspring in a much safer habitat, at least until their species are taken off the endangered list and are safe to enter the wild again.

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    This is where there is some debate about zoos and their conservation attempts. There are animals that prefer a more solitary life in the wild, and zoos place larger amounts of them together in habitat areas. However, like khathyhoang said above, many of these animals (and animals in general, unfortunately) are endangered or threatened in their native habitats. Zoos house these animals and put them together in order to hopefully conserve the species and promote population growth. It is not perfect, but the idea is that simulating the environment as naturally as possible will hopefully help the species more in the long run by decreasing the chance of extinction. Additionally, no animal is truly completely solitary for their entire lifetime. Mating will happen at some point, and many animals get at least some enjoyment from having company around them. 

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