Why are solar panels made from silicone?



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    There are different kinds of solar panels. Some simply collect sunlight to heat tubes of water. Others convert solar power to electricity.

    Electrical solar panels are made with silicon, an element that is different than the compound silicone (with an e on the end). Silicon, in the right crystaline structure, can produce electrical activity from solar energy.

    Silicone, on the other hand, is a rubbery material that is often used as a sealant or protectant. If it is used in an electrical solar panel, it would be used possibly to seal the glass covering from the elements. A water heating solar panel may use silicone for the same reason.

    Before silicon was used in electrical panels, some of the early devices (before commercialization) used cadmium-sulfide. These were called “cds” sells. Silicon is more efficient.

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