Why are movies so much more expensive than they used to be?



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    Mostly, it’s a matter of competition. Movies these days compete to have the best: the best special effects, the best sound, music, directors, writers, actors, producers, settings…everything. With the advancements in technology, movies need to be able to keep up with what’s new in the industry. This costs money. It also costs a lot more than it used to in order to employ the right people to use these technological resources, and the right people to be in the movies. The people who make movies compete with one another in order to entertain us. Another reason aside from competition is us. We’ve proven that we’re willing to pay the increasing amount of money to see the high-dollar movies produced today, which is why we see opening weekends of millions of dollars for big budget movies (and the occasional lucky small budget film).

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    A lot of times, movies are simply more complex than they were before.  To make something much more visually impressive, there needs to be more money spent.  However, a big budget does not always equate to a better quality of film.  There are countless films made per year that are made for extremely modest budgets.  In short, it’s a matter of how technically complicated the film is.

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