Why are so many people against Walmart?



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    Here are the some of the most popular complaints against Walmart:

    1) Walmart puts local merchants out of business.

    2) Walmart treats their workers poorly and exploits them. They pay their workers poorly and give them little or no health benefits.

    3) Walmart is bad for the environment; they violated the Clean Water Act in 17 locations across the country, polluting drinking water, streams, and lakes.

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    Mainly due to many issues that critics have pointed out such as: paying low wages to workers; putting small stores out of business; purchasing low-priced goods from abroad and contributing to “consumerism.” Personally, since living in Austin I have created a strong disliking towards Walmart. Seeing all of the local/ whole food businesses has made me realized that there are better options out there than just Walmart. Although Walmart can be criticized for many periods to come, the consumer needs to be more aware of different places that sell the items they need. Only then will other places catch on and try to adapt to a new way of running their establishment.

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    Walmart has also recently been under fire as many female employees gear up to sue the company for sexual discrimination. If the women in question are able to get a ‘class certification’ of their suit then it will be the largest ’employee class-action suit in history.’ The women allege that the company has been in violation of Title IX, which prohibits employers from sexually discriminating their employees. 

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    As everyone has touched upon, much of the disdain for Walmart boils down to their business model, human resource practices and environmental impact. Yet, rather than calling for the abolishment of Walmart, consumers should be focused on raising awareness of the issues. Public relations are important to a multinational company such as Walmart. If it could be proven that maintaining a conscience (for worker and the environment) contributes to profitability, they would give more thought to their actions and the repercussions to individuals and the environment as a whole.

    With a company as large as Walmart, even a small change in policy can have major effects over the life of the company. 

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