Why are so many people against buying CFL light bulbs?



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    CFL contains chlorofluorocarbon, a chemical which is damaging the ozone layer.Ozone layer is very important for earth as it protects it from UV rays.UV rays are responsible for skin cancer and other skin diseases. Secondly CFL bulbs donot give the required amount of energy. That’s why most people prefer buying other sources of light energy than this.

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    Historically CFLs gave off a very orange light, not a softer white light like regular incandescent bulbs.  They also weren’t available with dimmer settings like other bulbs.  CFL makers are beginning to manufacture CFLs that are more similar to regular bulbs in an effort to increase their sales.

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    Because the light they emit can be very harsh – it can look very artifical.  As CFL’s have developed, more color selections such as soft white have become avaiable which looks very similar to incandescent bulbs.  A great alternative to CFL’s are LED’s (they do run on the most expensive side though).

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