Why are so many of our products single use products?



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    That’s a good question.
    Guessing, I would think because it’s more convenient to use something once and throw it away rather than maintain it. Especially on a large scale… I mean, throwing away 50 paper plates vs washing 50 dirty dishes? In the long run using dishes are not only cheaper but more environmentally friendly, but laziness seems to have us in its grip.

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    Humans are inherently lazy creatures which would lead us to prefer single use paper plates over dishes.  But, there are some advantages to single use products.  Hygiene is a major concern with medical products such as syringes.  In order to maintain the spread of disease, hospitals and medical practices use many single use products.   Also, single use products can allow for traveling size items.  Many items we use on a daily basis are made into single use size for the convenience factor.  If we find ourselves in a unexpected situation, having a variety of single use products in our possession can prove to be very beneficial, even life-saving.

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    Convenience.  It can be attributed to the 1950’s when products were created to ease the role of housewives.  This time period is when consumerism exploded.  Since then, everything from Swiffer, toilet cleaning brushes, to microwavable meals in their own plastic containers have been made readily available to make life “simpler” and faster.  These products are largely responsible for the growing litter problem.

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