Why are so many huge Condominium Projects digracefully being built out of Wood?



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    Well, what would be a better material to build them out of? Wood is, in theory, a renewable resource, in that once trees are depleted, they will grow back and renew themselves. Problems arise when the rate of harvest is higher than the rate at which a forest is able to replenish itself, or when the methods used to harvest (clear cutting, etc) wreak irreversible damage on forest ecosystems. A better question to ask would be, are condos being built of recycled or sustainably harvested wood, and if the answer is no, then why not? The best question to ask, in my opinion, would be why do we continue to encourage suburban sprawl in the first place?

    And I suppose you could say that new structures could conceivably be built from old tires or bottle caps, but do you think those condos would sell?

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    As sylvestergraham said, wood is a renewable resource. Many trees are farmed sustainably, and you can buy wood from responsible companies that have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). However, many companies still cut trees in an irresponsible manner and don’t replant after cutting. This may be because the forests are on public land and the timber company does not have an incentive to act responsibly.

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