Why are so many earthquakes happening this year?



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         There haven’t been more earthquakes than usual, it only seems that way. The number of earthquakes in 2010 is not unusual, it just happens that several large ones occured near large population centers. As human population increases, it’s more likely that an earthquake will strike where people live. In addition, the terrible earthquake in Haiti made everyone pay more attention to earthquakes in general.



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    The USGS actually detects about 50 earthquakes a day, and 20,000 in a year.  As maggief noted above, the increased media attention is likely what you are noticing.  If you look at the statistics year by year on the USGS website, you will see that this year they have detected 5403 earthquakes (as of April 29, 2010) which would put us on track for about 16,200 earthquakes this year, actually fewer than previous years, such as 2008 which had 31,777 detected earthquakes.

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    The USGS and other seismic monitoring agencies detect vastly more than 50 quakes a day. The ref in the other answer indicates that they only bother to LOCATE about 50 a day – the ones that may have caused damage or that may be interesting for research.

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