Why are so many countries doing more than the United States to try and reduce their carbon footprint?



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    Quite frankly I think other countries feel more pressure to reduce their carbon footprint and have an easier means of doing it.   Most countries are much more densely populated than the U.S.  (We rank 179 out of 241 countries when it comes to high population density.)   Countries with more people crammed together and fewer natural resources realize the need to act for the sake of their future.  This isn’t a reality that most Americans can relate to.  Furthermore, unlike other countries most of America was built post World War II with cars and the growing auto industry in mind.  Given the sprawl of America it is much more difficult to develop efficient public transportation especially since people are so used to the convenience of their cars.  True, gas prices are rising, but American prices are still half of what they are in Europe.  

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