Why are so many companies attacking Monsanto?



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    Monsanto has a long track record of offenses and accusations. They created the chemical Agent Orange used in Vietnam and were thus responsible for the subsequent health problems of the veterans who were exposed. The company has been found guilty of dumping mercury and other toxic waste into community water supplies, it has been found guilty of corrupt bookkeeping and the list goes on. Monsanto is thought of as generally careless and untrustworthy. 

    The reason that companies are attacking Monsanto is most likely because it has monopolized the agricultural process by genetically modifying a seed, patenting that seed, and then claiming with legal threats that every farmer who uses the seed must repurchase the seeds from Monsanto for the next harvest. The company is attempting to make small-time and big-time farmers dependent on it. It now seeks to enter other markets like milk, and pork, with a growth hormone the company has been developing. It undoubtedly wants to monopolize the entire agriculture industry.

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