Why are so few homes in the US energy-efficient?

Why does Germany have so many energy-efficient and zero-impact homes while there are virtually none in the US? We have the similar technology and resources. Nobody in the US seems to even talk about the idea.



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    The main reason that homes in the US are not energy efficient is because it costs more money to build a home to be energy efficient. Another reason homes are not energy efficient is because they were built before the energy laws were passed. Newer homes are held under stricter energy laws and include some energy efficiency standards.

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    EPA  selebrated the building of Over Million ENERGY STAR Qualified home in the US.

    Germany implemented Great incentives/Tax advantages for participants

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    The EU started with Denmark studying buildings and insulation in the 1970’s.

    This work was taken over by Germany who invented the Passivehaus.

    The idea is that every type of house can be built to Passivehaus standards.

    Building a well insulated, hole proof home, takes time, patience and the understanding of thermodynamics.

    Most American builders, continue to build light weight, cheap to build homes. (not cheap to buy)

    The knowledge, how to build well insulated homes,  is there in other countries but, most builders never look outside the USA.

    Things are changing, there are now a few Passive House standard home in the USA, but, the standard is very much lower the the EU’s.

    The key thing when deciding is a home built to PA is the amount of energy it takes to keep a home warm/cool per square foot/metre per year.

    Dow brought Styrofoam to market 51 years ago, this is the key ingrediant in building well insulated homes, a great American product! A shame US  companies have ignored its benefits.

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