Why are so few cars in America taking advantage of propane as a fuel?



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    The National Propane Gas Association has a vested interest in the propane gas industry, so of course they have a FAQ that explains just how beneficial converting a vehicle to a propane fuel source. They say converting your vehicle to a propane fuel source saves money in the long run, is better for the environment, and does not significantly alter how a vehicle is fueled and operated.

    The reason so few cars in America use propane as a fuel source is because the gasoline industry infrastructure gives them a significant advantage. The label “alternative” fuel source infers the sense of a perpetual relationship of power between propane and gas.

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    This company is one in America that develops the technology for propane fuel. It was the first to develop liquid propane fuel injection systems. The second article lists other American companies that were invloved in the propane gas industry. There aren’t really any significant driving or handling differences between propane and gas, and it is an increasingly researched and expanding industry.

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    Propane, just like all the other “alternative” fuels out there, have to battle with the incumbent oil companies who virtually have a monopoly on fuel for vehicles. The oil infrastructure already in place makes it difficult to squeeze into the industry of Vehicle fueling, as does the political influence of oil companies at present. That being said, I personally do not believe propane is going to be the ultimate choice when an alternative is chosen, as it still has many of the same problems gasoline, ethanol, and hydrogen have in terms of storage, safety, and mechanical efficiency. I think that electric vehicles will eventually win the day because of the multiple ways electricity can be generated, and is non-polluting.

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