Why are scientists more interested in Mars than Jupiter and Saturn?



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    Scientists devote more research to Mars than Jupiter or Saturn for several reasons. For one, Mars is much closer to Earth, making research towards it, including missions to the planet, a lot cheaper. Mars also has a higher possibility of the abilty to support life, whereas Jupiter and Saturn, being much farther from both Earth and the Sun, are far too inhospitable to likely support life. Scientists have been discovering evidence of life on Mars for years now, making it a much more interesting place to focus on. 

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    Because Mars has shown great promise that there is or at one time was water on the planet – therefore it could have supported a lifeform somewhat familiar to us.  Earlier this month, a rover found a “vein of gypsum” which is a mineral deposited by water.  Mars is also much closer than Jupiter and Saturn, therefore researching is easier and more cost effective.  

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