Why are roses so much more expensive than any other flower?



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    Good question.  This may be similar to the reason diamonds are much more expensive than other precious stones (did you know diamonds are actually more common than emeralds, the other part of the issue is supply).  We put so much value on them and connect them to love that people want them, and want to send them on holidays like valentines day.  I found another answer post saying that most roses are actually hybrids, and it takes a lot of work to create these hybrids, they cannot be grown from seed, but require grafting onto disease resistant roots.  Also, most roses are grown out of the country, at least for valentines shipments, and that increases the price.

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    Well….. they are actually one of the most powerful plants on the planet, and emit a strong aura.  It’s the most expensive essential oil on the market (of all the ones i’ve seen, but i’m sure if they make an oil from a rare exotic plant it might be out rose in cost) because the natural oils of the rose are so difficult to press, it takes a ridiculous amount of roses to make a small amount of oil.  It’s incredibly healing though, and worth the cost for those who can afford it (Around $200 for 30mL).  It can even erase scar tissue, though helichrysum is a lesser-expensive oil that can do that as well.

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