Why are reusable bags good for the environment?



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    Reusable grocery bags are much better for the environment than are plastic bags. Plastic bags, during their manufacturing, release tons of carbon emissions into the air and have also been known to kills tens of thousands of sea turtles and fish who mistake the plastic bags for food. Some places are currently campaigning for policies that will make plastic bags illegal, like the state of California.

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    Like mercurycommunication said, plastic bag production releases tons of pollutants into the air yearly, but also, using reusable bags cuts down on your own personal waste which is a big help to the environment over the long term. When you use plastic bags, you only use it once, then likely never use it again. Over the course of a year that’s probably around 60-70 bags that got one use and ended up in a landfill for eternity from just you. Imagine the number of plastic bags that end up like this from all the people in the United States. And even with recyclable paper bags, the process of recycling them takes time and energy; time and energy that could be saved if you just have a couple reusable bags that you could use over and over again without producing excess waste.

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    Reusable grocery bags mean you are not using plastic or paper bags since you are re-using the same bag over and over again. Keep in mind, however, that there are different brands of reusable bags and they have different levels of “green” depending on how they are made and how long they last. A reusable bag made of recycled plastics is better than one made from PVC and shipped from China.

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