Why are republicans not as green with their actions?



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    I would say the simplest answer may be that Republicans tend to be primarily concerned with the success of business and limiting government interference. Because business is so important, the main idea is to make as much money as possible which can easily mean forgoing some eco-friendly practices in favor of saving and earning the most amount of money. As to the second factor, limiting the role of government, Republicans seek to do what they want with as little interference from the government as possible. This means a lack of environmental and other regulations.

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           It seems unlikely given the party’s platform in recent years, but Republicans have done some great things for the environment. Theodore Roosevelt was a friend of John Muir’s and an ardent nature lover. During his presidency, he created the U.S. Forest Service and put 230 million acres of land under federal protection. In 1970, Richard Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency. He also strengthened the Clear Air Act and the Federal Water Pollution Control Act. Ironically, it’s doubtful that the current Republican Party would support any of these policies if they were introduced today. 






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    Republicans are often libertarians combined with christian values. They believe that each individual should be left to make their own decision and businesses should be allowed to take its course. Republicans think that we should use the environment to suite any of our needs and that humans are much better beings than other animals. 

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