Why are organic products good for the earth?



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    Organic foods are good for the earth because they are grown without pesticides, artificial fertilizers or sewage sludge, and no chemical preservatives. Organic foods are typically produced by farmers that sell their produce and food at local grocery stores and farmers markets, so that cuts out the long haul food takes to get to a grocery store.

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    Organic foods don’t usechemical pesticides. Only 1% of pesticides applied to crops actually reach the pests they target, and 99% of these chemicals enter the environment.Toxic residues build up in ecosystems through the food chain, as species at the bottom ingest the chemicals, then higher species ingest these animals. Concentrations build until the diet of animals at the top of the food chain contains an elevated, sometimes lethal, level of toxins. For

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    Products adhering to strict organic standards don’t use harsh chemicals, herbicides, pesticides in their production. This makes it healthier for you as well as for the environment. Local organic food is also not contributing to carbon emissions because it doesn’t require much transportation. Organic food is a more sustainable option because it also helps maintain healthy soil, water and air quality while encouraging local business and health.

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