Why are processed foods bad for you?



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    processed foods contain trans-fats, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners. These additives are only to preserve the food or and flavor to bland or over processed food. By eating organic foods you are gaining the natural vitamins and minerals the body needs with out all the added toxins. 

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    Processed foods are full of additive chemicals that are there to preserve the food.  They are also always high in fat and sodium, two things that greatly increase the risk for heart attack, Type II Diabetes, arterial blockages, and hypertension.  Unprocessed foods don’t have the chemicals and are almost always healthier than the processed foods.  

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    Processed foods loss many of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are available from foods that are raw or minimally cooked.  On top of that, there are many chemicals added for flavor and color to make the processed food more appealing and to perserve the food longer than it would last naturally.  If the food is not organic, it may also have been exposed to pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and fertilyzer in addition to the other chemicals.

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