Why are the poor so much more effected by climate change than any other demographic?



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    There’s correlation between socioeconomic status and environmental justice cases due to the lack of resources of which poor communities have access.  There are a lot of factors at play as to why poorer communities end up in areas affected by climate change. A combination of city planning, development, and history all play a role into why communities develop where they do.

    Generally speaking, affluent people get the most desirable land, while poverty ridden communities get the leftovers. The leftover lands are often in areas with heavy industry (and pollution) and high-risk of natural disaster; these risks are heightened by climate change. An example of this is slums located in areas with low elevation that will be at higher risk of flooding during sea level rise or extreme weather event storm surges (hurricanes or tsunamis). 

    This is only part of the reason as to why poorer demographics are more affected climate change events. There are far factors at play than just these.

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    Adding to what andyyea mentioned, people in poorer countries are also at risk for climate change. Water and food shortages are already strarting to take place in some countries, and the poor are the ones that are affected the most. Not only that, but some countries don’t have the emergency response teams that the wealthier countries like the United States have. As climate change worsens, natural disasters will become more frequent. These are just a few problems associated with poorer countries and populations dealing with climate change. 

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