Why are phone books still produced despite the Internet?



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    Not everyone uses the Internet. Older people tend to be less tech-savvy. Also, poorer people may not be able to afford Internet access and some just may prefer to use a book instead of the Internet.

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    I agree with ecoman83’s answer. It is true that some people just prefer to use a physical copy of the phone book. However, I have noticed that the phone book is becoming smaller and smaller each year.

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    Some people do not own a computer or don’t have access to one at all times. Technology is not always foolproof; what happens when your internet connection is out? Phone books are also good for finding local businesses- many advertise in the phone book as well. I agree that phone books seem wasteful, but as was stated before many people do not use the internet, either by choice or due to economic factors. My father for instance does not know how to operate a computer and is very happy not knowing, he prefers to read the paper and use a phone book (or ask me to help him!)

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