Why are phone books still around?



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    asked and answered many times previously.

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    Older people or those with out computers/tech knowledge probably use them the most.

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    Yeah, I’d say that for a younger generation it may seem useless, but for many it is still a useful resource. Perhaps it’s something that can be phased out in the coming years, or it may not be until we are a completely digital and computerized society. 

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    There are few bits of outdated “technology” still around today that are very similar to phone books. I believe older generations try to hold on to their older technologies in order to still keep the peace in a way.

    We also can not just assume that everyone has access to the Internet or to other methods of looking up numbers or located individuals. Because of this, we can’t get rid of older technologies just yet. I believe one day phone books will be completely eliminated but for now they seem to be here to stay.

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